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Formatting Characters in a Presentation
To Change the Text Color
PowerPoint allows you to use one or more text colors in a presentation. To add more emphasis to the word,
Green, in the title slide text, you decide to change the color. The following steps add emphasis to this word by
changing the font color from black to green.
With the word, Green, selected,
Font Color arrow
click the Font Color arrow on the
Mini toolbar to display the gallery
of Theme Colors and Standard
Colors (Figure 1–14).
Theme Colors
row shows Oriel
theme colors
If the Mini toolbar disappears from
the screen, how can I display it
once again?
Right-click the text, and the Mini
toolbar should appear.
orange border
indicates current
font color
Standard Colors
row has colors
associated with
every theme
Point to various colors in the
Green button
gallery and watch the word’s font
color change.
Figure 1–14
Click the Green button in the
Standard Colors row on the
Mini toolbar (sixth color) to
change the font color to green
(Figure 1–15).
Why did I select the color Green?
Green is one of the 10 standard
colors associated with every
document theme, and it is a
universal color to represent
respecting natural resources. The
color will emphasize the fact that
the presentation focuses on green
conservation measures.
Font Color button
indicates current
text color
subtitle word
color changed
to green
Figure 1–15
What is the difference between
the colors shown in the Theme Colors area and the Standard Colors?
The 10 colors in the top row of the Theme Colors area are two text, two background, and
six accent colors in the Oriel theme; the i ve colors in each column under the top row display
different transparencies. These colors are available in every document theme.
Click outside the selected area to deselect the word.
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected text,
click Font on shortcut
menu, click Font Color
button, click Green in
Standard Colors row
2. Click Font Color arrow
(Home tab | Font group),
click Green in Standard
Colors row
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