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Creating a Text Slide with a Multi-Level Bulleted List
New Slide button
Click the New Slide
button (Home tab |
Slides group) to
insert a new slide
with the Title and
Content layout
(Figure 1–17).
Why does the bullet
character display an
orange circle?
The Oriel document
theme determines
the bullet characters.
Each paragraph level
has an associated
bullet character.
Title and Content layout
has two placeholders
vertical scroll bar
appears when second
slide is added to
default bullet
orange border
indicates current
slide is displayed
scroll box
Slide 2
added to
I clicked
the New
Slide arrow
instead of the New
Slide button. What
should I do?
Click the Title and
Content slide thumbnail
in the layout gallery.
scroll arrow
Previous Slide
Next Slide
Figure 1–17
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + M
Choose the words for the slide.
All presentations should follow the 7 3 7 rule, which states that each slide should have a
maximum of seven lines, and each line should have a maximum of seven words. PowerPoint
designers must choose their words carefully and, in turn, help viewers read the slides easily.
Avoid line wraps. Your audience’s eyes want to stop at the end of a line. Thus, you must
plan your words carefully or adjust the font size so that each point displays on only one line.
Creating a Text Slide with a Multi-Level Bulleted List
The Ribbon and Screen
PowerPoint may change
how the groups and
buttons within the
groups appear on the
Ribbon, depending on
the computer’s screen
resolution. Thus, your
Ribbon may look different
from the ones in this topic
if you are using a screen
resolution other than
1024 x 768.
The information in the Slide 2 text placeholder is presented in a bulleted list with three
levels. A bulleted list is a list of paragraphs, each of which is preceded by a bullet.
A slide that consists of more than one level of bulleted text is called a multi-level
bulleted list slide . In a multi-level bulleted list, a lower-level paragraph is a subset of
a higher-level paragraph. It usually contains information that supports the topic in the
paragraph immediately above it.
Two of the Slide 2 bullets appear at the same paragraph level, called the i rst level:
Install low-l ow faucets and shower heads, and Appliances count for 20 percent of electric
bill. Beginning with the second level, each paragraph indents to the right of the preceding
level and is pushed down to a lower level. For example, if you increase the indent of a
i rst-level paragraph, it becomes a second-level paragraph. The second, fourth, and i fth
paragraphs on Slide 2 are second-level paragraphs. The last paragraph, Wash clothes in
cold water, is a third-level paragraph.
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