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Creating a Text Slide with a Multi-Level Bulleted List
Creating a text slide with a multi-level bulleted list requires several steps. Initially,
you enter a slide title in the title text placeholder. Next, you select the content text place-
holder. Then, you type the text for the multi-level bulleted list, increasing and decreasing
the indents as needed. The next several sections add a slide with a multi-level bulleted list.
To Enter a Slide Title
PowerPoint assumes every new slide has a title. The title for Slide 2 is Make Small Changes to Cut Energy.
The following step enters this title.
Slide 2 title text appears
in title text placeholder
and Slide 2 thumbnail
add title, to select it
and then type Make
Small Changes
to Cut Energy
in the placeholder.
Do not press the ENTER
key (Figure 1–18).
What are those six
icons grouped in the
middle of the slide?
You can click one of
the icons to insert
a specii c type of
content: table, chart,
SmartArt graphic, picture,
clip art, or media clip.
Click the label, Click to
bulleted paragraph text
label in text placeholder
icon group
Figure 1–18
To Select a Text Placeholder
Before you can type text into the text placeholder, you i rst must select it. The following step selects the text
placeholder on Slide 2. 1
Click the label, Click
to add text, to select
the text placeholder
(Figure 1–19).
Why does my mouse
pointer have a
different shape?
If you move the
mouse pointer away
from the bullet, it will
change shape.
I-beam mouse pointer
dashed-line border
is selected
bulleted paragraph
label disappears when
placeholder is selected
Figure 1–19
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + ENTER
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