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Creating a Text Slide with a Multi-Level Bulleted List
To Type a Multi-Level Bulleted List
The content placeholder provides an area for the text characters. When you click inside a placeholder, you
then can type or paste text. As discussed previously, a bulleted list is a list of paragraphs, each of which is preceded by
a bullet. A paragraph is a segment of text ended by pressing the enter key.
The content text placeholder is selected, so the next step is to type the multi-level bulleted list that consists
of six paragraphs, as shown in Figure 1–1b on page PPT 3. Creating a lower-level paragraph is called demoting
text; creating a higher-level paragraph is called promoting text. The following steps create a multi-level bulleted
list consisting of three levels.
Install low-flow
faucets and shower
heads and then press the ENTER
key (Figure 1–20).
i rst-level
paragraph text
Figure 1–20
Increase List
Level button
Click the Increase List Level
button (Home tab | Paragraph
group) to indent the second
paragraph below the i rst and
create a second-level paragraph
(Figure 1–21).
Why does the bullet for this
paragraph have a different size
and color?
A different bullet is assigned to
each paragraph level.
second-level paragraph
Figure 1–21
Cut water
consumption in half
and then press the ENTER key
(Figure 1–22).
paragraph text
new second-level paragraph
Figure 1–22
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