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Creating a Text Slide with a Multi-Level Bulleted List
To Select a Group of Words
PowerPoint designers use many techniques to emphasize words and characters on a slide. To add emphasis
to your slide show’s concept of saving natural resources, you want to bold and increase the font size of the words, in
half, in the body text. You could perform these actions separately, but it is more efi cient to select the words and then
change the font attributes. The following steps select two words.
Position the mouse pointer
immediately to the left of the i rst
character of the text to be selected
(in this case, the i in the word, in)
(Figure 1–25).
mouse pointer
words to select
Figure 1–25
Drag the mouse pointer through
the last character of the text to be
selected (in this case, the f in half)
(Figure 1–26).
text to be formatted
is selected
Figure 1–26
Other Ways
To Bold Text
Bold characters display somewhat thicker and darker than those that display in a regular font style. Clicking
the Bold button on the Mini toolbar is an efi cient method of bolding text. To add more emphasis to the amount of
water savings that can occur by installing low-l ow faucets and shower heads, you want to bold the words, in half.
The following step bolds this text.
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