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Creating a Text Slide with a Multi-Level Bulleted List
font size is
21 point
With the words, in
half, selected, click
the Bold button on
the Mini toolbar to
bold the two words
(Figure 1–27).
Bold button
selected words
are bolded
Other Ways
Figure 1–27
1. Click Bold button
(Home tab | Font group)
2. Press CTRL + B
To Increase Font Size
Formatting Words
To format one word,
position the insertion
point anywhere in the
word. Then make the
formatting changes you
desire. The entire word
does not need to be
selected for the change to
To add emphasis, you increase the font size for the words, in half. The following
step increases the font size from 21 to 24 point.
With the words, in half, still selected, click the Increase Font Size button on the Mini
toolbar once (Figure 1–28).
new font size
is 24 point
Increase Font
Size button
Figure 1–28
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