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To Move to Another Slide in Normal View
When creating or editing a presentation in Normal view (the view you are currently using), you often want
to display a slide other than the current one. Before continuing with developing this project, you want to display
the title slide by dragging the scroll box on the vertical scroll bar. When you drag the scroll box, the slide indicator
shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display. Releasing the mouse button shows the slide. The
following steps move from Slide 4 to Slide 1 using the scroll box on the Slide pane.
Position the mouse
pointer on the
scroll box.
scroll bar
Press and hold
down the mouse
button so that Slide:
4 of 4 Adjust Your
Thermostats appears
in the slide indicator
(Figure 1– 35).
Slide 4 has an
orange border
scroll box
slide indicator
Previous Slide button
Next Slide button
Figure 1–35
Drag the scroll box
up the vertical scroll
bar until Slide: 1 of 4
It Is Easy Being Green
appears in the
slide indicator
(Figure 1– 36).
drag scroll
box up
slide indicator
Figure 1–36
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