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Inserting Clip Art and Photographs into Slides
Release the mouse
button so that Slide 1
appears in the
Slide pane and the
Slide 1 thumbnail
has an orange
border in the Slides
tab (Figure 1– 37).
orange border
surrounds Slide 1
Other Ways
1. Click Next Slide button
or Previous Slide button
to move forward or
back one slide
2. Click slide thumbnail on
Slides tab
3. Press PAGE DOWN
or PAGE UP to move
forward or back one
Slide 1 is
Figure 1–37
Inserting Clip Art and Photographs into Slides
Today’s Clip
Each day, Microsoft
features “today’s clip,”
which rel ects events or
themes specii c to this
time. For example, the
pictures, illustrations, and
clip art have back-to-school
images, winter scenes, and
holiday characters.
A clip is a single media i le that can include art, sound, animation, or movies. Adding a clip can
help increase the visual appeal of many slides and can offer a quick way to add professional-
looking graphic images and sounds to a presentation without creating these i les yourself.
This art is contained in the Microsoft Clip Organizer , a collection of drawings, photo-
graphs, sounds, videos, and other media i les shared among Microsoft Ofi ce applications.
The Ofi ce Collections contains all these media i les included with Microsoft Ofi ce.
You also can add your own clips to slides. You can insert these i les directly from
a storage medium, such as a USB l ash drive. In addition, you can add them to the other
i les in the Clip Organizer so that you can search for and reuse these images, sounds,
animations, and movies. When you create these media i les, they are stored on your hard
disk in My Collections . The Clip Organizer will i nd these i les and create a new collection
with these i les. Two other locations for clips are Shared Collections and Web Collections.
Files in the Shared Collections typically reside on a shared network i le server and are
accessible to multiple users. The Web Collections clips reside on the Microsoft Clip Art
and Media Home page on the Microsoft Ofi ce Online Web site. They are available only
if you have an active Internet connection.
The Clip Art Task Pane
You can add clips to your presentation in two ways. One way is by selecting one
of the slide layouts that includes a content placeholder with a Clip Art button. A second
method is by clicking the Clip Art button in the Images area on the Insert tab. Clicking
the Clip Art button opens the Clip Art task pane. The Clip Art task pane allows you
to search for clips by using descriptive keywords, i le names, media i le formats, and clip
collections. Specii c i le formats could be for clip art, photographs, movies, and sounds.
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