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Inserting Clip Art and Photographs into Slides
Clips are organized in hierarchical clip collections that combine topic-related clips into
categories, such as Academic, Business, and Technology.
Clips have one or more keywords associated with various entities, activities, labels, and
emotions. In most instances, the keywords give the name of the clip and related categories.
For example, an image of a cow in the Animals category has the keywords animals, cattle,
cows, dairies, farms, and Holsteins. You can enter these keywords in the Search for text box
to i nd clips when you know one of the words associated with the image. Otherwise, you
might i nd it necessary to scroll through several categories to i nd an appropriate clip.
Depending on the installation of the Microsoft Clip Organizer on your computer,
you might not have the clip art used in this chapter. Contact your instructor if you are
missing clips used in the following steps. If you have an active connection to the Internet,
clips from the Microsoft Ofi ce Online Web site will display automatically as the result of
your search results.
Adhere to copyright regulations.
You have permission to use the clips from the Microsoft Clip Organizer. If you want to use
a clip from another source, be certain you have the legal right to insert this i le in your pre-
sentation. Read the copyright notices that may accompany the clip and may be posted on
the Web site where you obtained the clip. The owners of these images and i les often ask
you to give them credit for using their work, which may be satisi ed by stating where you
obtained the images.
To Insert a Clip from the Clip Organizer into the Title Slide
Slide 1 uses the Title Slide layout, which has two placeholders for text but none for graphical content.
You desire to place a graphic on Slide 1, so you will locate a clip art image of a green globe and l ower and then
insert it in this slide. Later in this chapter, you will size and position it in an appropriate location. The following
steps add a clip to Slide 1.
Insert tab
Click Insert on the
Ribbon to display the
Insert tab.
Clip Art
task pane
Click the Clip
Art button (Insert
tab | Images group)
to display the Clip
Art task pane.
clip keyword
in Search for
text box
Clip Art
check box is
Click the Search
for text box in the
Clip Art task pane,
if necessary delete
any letters that
are present, and
then type green
globe in the
Search for text box.
If necessary, click
the ‘Include
Ofi content’
check box to select it
(Figure 1– 38).
Figure 1–38
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