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Inserting Clip Art and Photographs into Slides
Go button
Click the Go button
so that the Microsoft
Clip Organizer will
search for and display
all clips having the
keywords, green globe.
If necessary, click
the Yes button if
a Microsoft Clip
Organizer dialog
box appears asking
if you want to include
additional clip
art images from
desired clip
into slide
If necessary, scroll
down the list to
display the globe clip
shown in Figure 1– 39.
Click the clip to insert
Figure 1–39
it into the slide
(Figure 1– 39).
What if the globe image displayed in Figure 1– 39 is not shown in my Clip Art task pane?
Select a similar clip. Your clips may be different depending on the clips installed on your
computer and if you have an active connection to the Internet.
What is the yellow star image that displays in the lower-right corner of some clips in the
Clip Art task pane?
The star indicates the image is animated and will move when the slide containing this clip is
displayed during a slide show.
Why is this globe clip displayed in this location on the slide?
The slide layout does not have a content placeholder, so PowerPoint inserts the clip in the
center of the slide.
To Insert a Clip from the Clip Organizer into a Slide
without a Content Placeholder
The next step is to add two clips to Slide 2. Slide 2 has a bulleted list in the text
placeholder, so the icon group does not display in the center of the placeholder. Later in
this chapter, you will resize the inserted clips. The Clip Art task pane is displayed and will
remain open until you close it. The following steps add one clip to Slide 2.
Click the Next Slide button to display Slide 2.
Click the Search for text box in the Clip Art task pane and then delete the letters in the
Search for text box.
Type faucets and then click the Go button.
If necessary, scroll down the list to display the faucet clip shown in Figure 1– 40 and then
click the clip to insert it into Slide 2 (Figure 1– 40).
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