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Inserting Clip Art and Photographs into Slides
To Insert a Clip from the Clip Organizer into a Content Placeholder
Slide 4 uses the Comparison layout, which has a content placeholder below each of the two headings. You
desire to insert clip art into both content placeholders to reinforce the concept that consumers should adjust the
heating temperatures of their furnace and water heater. The following steps insert clip art of a furnace into the left
content placeholder and a water heater into the right content placeholder on Slide 4.
Click the Close
button in the Clip
Art task pane so
that it no longer is
Click the Next Slide
button twice to
display Slide 4.
Click the Clip Art
left content
placeholder is
icon in the left
content placeholder
to select that
placeholder and
to open the Clip
Art task pane
(Figure 1– 42).
Clip Art icon
Do I need to close
the Clip Art task
pane when I am
i nished inserting the
two clips into Slide 2?
No. You can leave
the Clip Art task pane open and then display Slide 4. It is often more convenient, however, to open this pane when you
are working with a layout that has a content placeholder so that the clip is inserted in the desired location.
Next Slide
Figure 1– 42
Click the Search for
text box in the Clip
Art task pane, delete
any letters that
are present, type
furnace in the
Search for text box,
and then click the
Go button to search
for and display all
pictures having the
keyword, furnace.
clip keyword in
Search for text box
desired clip inserted
into slide
If necessary, scroll
down the list to
display the furnace
clip shown in
Figure 1– 43.
Click the clip to
insert it into the left
content placeholder
(Figure 1– 43).
Figure 1– 43
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