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Photographs and the Clip Organizer
Click anywhere in the right
placeholder except one of the six
icons to select the placeholder.
I clicked the Clip Art icon by
mistake, which closed the Clip Art
task pane. How do I open it?
Click the Clip Art icon.
clip keyword in Search
for text box
desired clip
inserted into
Click the Search for text box in
the Clip Art task pane, delete
any letters that are present, type
water heater in the Search
for text box, and then click the
Go button.
If necessary, scroll down the list to
display the water heater clip shown
in Figure 1– 44 and then click
the clip to insert it into the right
content placeholder (Figure 1– 44).
Figure 1– 44
Photographs and the Clip Organizer
Compressing File Size
When you add a picture
to a presentation,
PowerPoint automatically
compresses this image.
Even with this compression
applied, a presentation
that contains pictures
usually has a large i le
size. To reduce this size,
you can compress a picture
further without affecting
the quality of how it
displays on the slide.
To compress a picture,
select the picture and
then click the Compress
Pictures button (Picture
Tools Format tab | Adjust
group). You can restore
the picture’s original
settings by clicking the
Reset Picture button
(Picture Tools Format tab |
Adjust group).
In addition to clip art, you can insert pictures into a presentation. These may include
scanned photographs, line art, and artwork from storage media, such as USB l ash drives,
hard disks, optical discs, and memory cards. To insert a picture into a presentation, the
picture must be saved in a format that PowerPoint can recognize. Table 1–1 identii es
some of the formats PowerPoint recognizes.
Table 1–1 Primary File Formats PowerPoint Recognizes
File Extension
Computer Graphics Metai le
.cdr, .cdt, .cmx, and .pat
Encapsulated PostScript
Enhanced Metai le
Graphics Interchange Format
.jsh, .jah, and .jbh
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
Kodak PhotoCD
Macintosh PICT
PC Paintbrush
Portable Network Graphics
Tagged Image File Format
Windows Bitmap
.bmp, .rle, .dib
Microsoft Windows Metai le
WordPerfect Graphics
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