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Photographs and the Clip Organizer
Wrapping Text around a
PowerPoint 2010 does not
allow you to wrap text
around a picture or other
graphics, such as tables,
shapes, charts, or graphics.
This feature, however, is
available in Word 2010.
You can import i les saved with the .emf, .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .rle, .dib, and .wmf
formats directly into PowerPoint presentations. All other i le formats require separate
i lters that are shipped with the PowerPoint installation software and must be installed
separately. You can download additional i lters from the Microsoft Ofi ce Online Web site.
To Insert a Photograph from the Clip Organizer
into a Slide without a Content Placeholder
Next, you will add a photograph to Slide 3. You will not insert this picture into a
content placeholder, so it will display in the center of the slide. Later in this chapter, you
will resize this picture. To start the process of locating this photograph, you do not need to
click the Clip Art button icon in the content placeholder because the Clip Art task pane
already is displayed. The following steps add a photograph to Slide 3.
Click the Previous Slide button to display Slide 3.
Click the Search for text box in the Clip Art task pane, delete the letters in the text box,
type CFL , and then click the Go button.
If necessary, scroll down the list to display the picture of a light bulb shown in Figure 1– 45,
and then click the photograph to insert it into Slide 2 (Figure 1– 45).
Why is my photograph a different size from the one shown in Figure 1–1c on page PPT 3?
The photograph was inserted into the slide and not into a content placeholder. You will
resize the picture later in this chapter.
Close button
picture keyword in
Search for text box
desired picture
inserted into
Figure 1– 45
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