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Resizing Clip Art and Photographs
Break Point:
If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. You can quit PowerPoint now (refer to page PPT 50
for instructions). To resume at a later time, start PowerPoint (refer to pages PPT 4 and PPT 5 for instructions), open the
i le called Saving Energy (refer to pages PPT 50 and PPT 51 for instructions), and continue following the steps from this
location forward.
Resizing Clip Art and Photographs
Sometimes it is necessary to change the size of clip art. Resizing includes enlarging or
reducing the size of a clip art graphic. You can resize clip art using a variety of techniques.
One method involves changing the size of a clip by specifying exact dimensions in a dialog
box. Another method involves dragging one of the graphic’s sizing handles to the desired
location. A selected graphic appears surrounded by a selection rectangle , which has small
squares and circles, called sizing handles or move handles, at each corner and middle
To Resize Clip Art
On Slides 1, 2, and 4, much space appears around the clips, so you can increase their sizes. Likewise, the
photograph on Slide 3 can be enlarged to i ll more of the space below the slide title. To change the size, drag
the corner sizing handles to view how the clip will look on the slide. Using these corner handles maintains the
graphic’s original proportions. Dragging the square sizing handles alters the proportions so that the graphic’s
height and width become larger or smaller. The following steps increase the size of the Slide 1 clip using a
corner sizing handle.
Click the Close button
in the Clip Art task
pane so that it no
longer is displayed.
Slide button two times
to display Slide 1.
Click the Previous
Click the globe
clip to select it and
display the selection
corner sizing handle
on the clip so that the
mouse pointer changes
to a two-headed arrow
(Figure 1– 46).
Point to the lower-left
mouse pointer is
two-headed arrow
Figure 1– 46
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