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Resizing Clip Art and Photographs
Drag the sizing handle diagonally
Picture Tools
Format tab
toward the lower-left corner of
the slide until the mouse pointer
is positioned approximately as
shown in Figure 1– 47.
What if the clip is not the same
size as the one shown in
Figure 1– 47?
Repeat Steps 1 and 2.
selection rectangle
indicates original
clip size
new clip size
mouse pointer changes
shape to crosshair
Figure 1– 47
Release the mouse button to resize
the clip.
Click outside the clip to deselect it
(Figure 1– 48).
What happened to the Picture
Tools Format tab?
When you click outside the clip,
PowerPoint deselects the clip and
removes the Picture Tools Format
tab from the screen.
What if I want to return the clip to
its original size and start again?
With the graphic selected, click the
Reset Picture button (Picture Tools
Format tab | Adjust group).
clip sized
Figure 1– 48
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