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Resizing Clip Art and Photographs
Drag the lower-left corner sizing handle on the photograph diagonally outward until the
photograph is resized approximately as shown in Figure 1–50.
light bulb picture
Figure 1–50
To Move Clips
After you insert clip art or a photograph on a slide, you might want to reposition it. The light bulb photograph
on Slide 3 could be centered in the space between the slide title and the left and right edges of the slide. The clip
on Slide 1 could be positioned in the upper-right corner of the slide. On Slide 4, the furnace and water heater clips
could be centered under each heading. The following steps move these graphics.
If necessary, click the light bulb
light bulb
picture moved to
desired location
on Slide 3
photograph on Slide 3 to select it.
button and then drag the
photograph diagonally downward
below the title text (Figure 1–51).
Press and hold down the mouse
If necessary, select the photograph
and then use the ARROW keys to
position it precisely as shown in
Figure 1–51.
The photograph still is not
located exactly where I want it to
display. What can I do to align the
Press the CTRL key while you
press the ARROW keys. This key
combination moves the clip in
smaller increments than when you
press only an ARROW key.
Figure 1–51
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