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Ending a Slide Show with a Closing Slide
Choose a closing slide.
After the last slide appears during a slide show, the default PowerPoint setting is to end the
presentation with a black slide. This black slide appears only when the slide show is running
and concludes the slide show, so your audience never sees the PowerPoint window. It is a
good idea, however, to end the presentation with a i nal closing slide to display at the end
of the presentation. This slide ends the presentation gracefully and should be an exact copy,
or a very similar copy, of your title slide. The audience will recognize that the presentation is
drawing to a close when this slide appears. It can remain on the screen when the audience
asks questions, approaches the speaker for further information, or exits the room.
Ending a Slide Show with a Closing Slide
All the text for the slides in the Saving Energy slide show has been entered. This
presentation thus far consists of a title slide, one text slide with a multi-level bulleted list,
a third slide for a photograph, and a fourth slide with a Comparison layout. A closing slide
that resembles the title slide is the i nal slide to create.
To Duplicate a Slide
When two slides contain similar information and have the same format, duplicating one slide and then making
minor modii cations to the new slide saves time and increases consistency.
Slide 5 will have the same layout and design as Slide 1. The most expedient method of creating this slide is to
copy Slide 1 and then make minor modii cations to the new slide. The following steps duplicate the title slide.
With Slide 1 selected, click the
New Slide arrow (Home tab | Slides
group) to display the Oriel layout
gallery (Figure 1–55).
New Slide
clicking Duplicate
Selected Slides
creates copy of Slide 1
Figure 1–55
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