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Making Changes to Slide Text Content
With Slide 2 selected, drag the Slide
2 slide thumbnail in the Slides pane
below the last slide thumbnail
(Figure 1–57).
The Slide 2 thumbnail is not visible
in the Slides pane when I am
dragging the thumbnail downward.
How do I know it will be positioned
in the desired location?
A blue horizontal bar indicates
where the slide will move.
cursor shape
indicates drag-and-
drop method
Other Ways
1. Click slide icon on
Outline tab, drag icon
to new location
2. Click Slide Sorter (View
tab | Presentation
Views group), click
slide thumbnail, drag
thumbnail to new
bar indicates new
location of slide
Figure 1–57
Making Changes to Slide Text Content
After creating slides in a presentation, you may i nd that you want to make changes to the
text. Changes may be required because a slide contains an error, the scope of the presen-
tation shifts, or the style is inconsistent. This section explains the types of changes that
commonly occur when creating a presentation.
You generally make three types of changes to text in a presentation: additions,
replacements, and deletions.
Additions are necessary when you omit text from a slide and need to add it later.
Checking Spelling
As you review your slides,
you should examine the
text for spelling errors. In
Chapter 3, you will learn
to use PowerPoint’s
built-in spelling checker to
help you perform this task.
You may need to insert text in the form of a sentence, word, or single character. For
example, you may want to add the presenter’s middle name on the title slide.
Replacements are needed when you want to revise the text in a presentation. For
example, you may want to substitute the word their for the word there .
Deletions are required when text on a slide is incorrect or no longer is relevant to the
presentation. For example, a slide may look cluttered. Therefore, you may want to
remove one of the bulleted paragraphs to add more space.
Editing text in PowerPoint basically is the same as editing text in a word processing
program. The following sections illustrate the most common changes made to text in a
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