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Adding a Transition
Adding a Transition
PowerPoint provides many animation effects to add interest and make a slide show
presentation look professional. Animation includes special visual and sound effects applied to
text or content. A slide transition is a special animation effect used to progress from one slide to
the next in a slide show. You can control the speed of the transition effect and add a sound.
PowerPoint provides a variety of transitions arranged into three categories that
describe the types of effects: Subtle, Exciting, and Dynamic Content.
To Add a Transition between Slides
In this presentation, you apply the Doors transition in the Exciting category to all slides and change the
transition speed from 1.40 seconds to 2 seconds. The following steps apply this transition to the presentation.
Transitions tab
selected icon indicates no
transition is applied
Click the Transitions
tab on the Ribbon
and then point to
the More button
(Transitions tab |
Transition to This Slide
group) (Figure 1– 62).
Transition to
This Slide group
More button
Is a transition
applied now?
No. The i rst
slide icon in the
Transitions group has
an orange border, which
indicates no transition has been applied.
Figure 1– 62
no transition is applied
Click the More
button to expand
the Transitions
the Doors
transition in the
Exciting category
in the Transitions
gallery (Figure 1– 63).
Point to
default duration
is 2 seconds
Exciting category
desired transition
no star under slide
number indicates no
transition is applied
Figure 1– 63
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