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Changing Document Properties
Click the Apply To All
button (Transitions
tab | Timing group)
to apply the Doors
transition and the
increased transition
time to Slides 1
through 4 in the
(Figure 1– 66).
What if I want to
apply a different
transition and
duration to each slide
in the presentation?
Repeat Steps 2 and
3 for each slide
Apply To All button
stars under slide numbers
indicate transition is applied
to all slides in presentation
Figure 1– 66
Changing Document Properties
PowerPoint Help
At any time while using
PowerPoint, you can i nd
answers to questions and
display information about
various topics through
PowerPoint Help. Used
properly, this form of
assistance can increase
your productivity and
reduce your frustrations
by minimizing the time
you spend learning
how to use PowerPoint.
For instruction about
PowerPoint Help and
exercises that will help you
gain coni dence in using it,
read the Ofi ce 2010 and
Windows 7 chapter at the
beginning of this topic.
PowerPoint helps you organize and identify your i les by using document properties ,
which are the details about a i le. Document properties, also known as metadata , can
include information such as the project author, title, subject, and keywords. A keyword
is a word or phrase that further describes the document. For example, a class name or
document topic can describe the i le’s purpose or content.
Document properties are valuable for a variety of reasons:
Users can save time locating a particular i le because they can view a document’s
properties without opening the document.
By creating consistent properties for i les having similar content, users can better
organize their documents.
Some organizations require PowerPoint users to add document properties so that
other employees can view details about these i les.
Five different types of document properties exist, but the more common ones used
in this topic are standard and automatically updated properties. Standard properties
are associated with all Microsoft Ofi ce documents and include author, title, and subject.
Automatically updated properties include i le system properties, such as the date you
create or change a i le, and statistics, such as the i le size.
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