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Viewing the Presentation in Slide Show View
Click the Slide 1
thumbnail in the
Slides pane to select
and display Slide 1.
Slide 1
Point to the Slide
Show button in the
lower-right corner
of the PowerPoint
window on the status
bar (Figure 1–71).
Why did I need to
select Slide 1?
When you run a slide
show, PowerPoint
begins the show
with the currently
displayed slide. If
you had not selected
Slide 1, then only
Slide 5 would have
displayed in the
slide show.
Slide Show
Normal view
button is selected
Figure 1–71
Click the Slide Show
button to display
the title slide
(Figure 1–72).
Where is the
PowerPoint window?
When you run a
slide show, the
PowerPoint window
is hidden. It will
reappear once you
end your slide show.
title slide in Slide
Show view
Other Ways
1. Click Slide Show From
Beginning button (Slide
Show tab | Start Slide
Show group)
2. Press F5
Figure 1–72
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