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Viewing the Presentation in Slide Show View
To Move Manually through Slides in a Slide Show
After you begin Slide Show view, you can move forward or backward through the slides. PowerPoint allows
you to advance through the slides manually or automatically. During a slide show, each slide in the presentation
shows on the screen, one slide at a time. Each time you click the mouse button, the next slide appears. The following
steps move manually through the slides.
Click each slide
until Slide 5 (Be
Green) is displayed
(Figure 1–73).
I see a small toolbar
in the lower-left
corner of my slide.
What is this toolbar?
The Slide Show
toolbar appears
when you begin
running a slide show
and then move the
mouse pointer. The
buttons on this
toolbar allow you to
navigate to the next
slide, the previous
slide, to mark up the
current slide, or to
change the current
Slide 5 is displayed
in Slide Show view
Figure 1–73
Click Slide 5 so that
the black slide appears
with a message
announcing the end
of the slide show
(Figure 1–74).
How can I end the
presentation at this
Click the black slide to
return to Normal view
in the PowerPoint
window or press the
ESC key.
message announces
end of slide show
Figure 1–74
Other Ways
1. Press PAGE DOWN to
advance one slide at a
time, or press PAGE UP to
go back one slide at a time
2. Press RIGHT ARROW or
DOWN ARROW to advance
one slide at a time, or
press LEFT ARROW or UP
ARROW to go back one
slide at a time
3. If Slide Show toolbar is
displayed, click Next Slide
or Previous Slide button
on toolbar
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