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Printing a Presentation
File tab
Click File on the
Print button
Copies box
Ribbon to open the
Backstage view.
preview of how slide
will look when printed
Click the Print tab in
the Backstage view
to display the Print
gallery (Figure 1–75).
Printer Status
Print tab
options in your Settings
area may differ,
depending on type of
printer you are using
Print gallery presents
several print options
and shows a preview
of how the slides
will print
Previous Page button
scrolls backward
through presentations
with multiple slides
Next Page button scrolls
forward through presentations
with multiple slides
Figure 1–75
How do I preview Slides 2 through 5?
Click the Next Page button in the Print gallery to scroll forward through pages in the
document; similarly, click the Previous Page button to scroll backward through pages.
How can I print multiple copies of my slides?
Increase the number in the Copies box in the Print gallery.
Quick Reference
For a table that lists how
to complete the tasks
covered in this topic
using the mouse, Ribbon,
shortcut menu, and
keyboard, see the Quick
Reference Summary at
the back of this topic, or
visit the PowerPoint 2010
Quick Reference Web page
What if I decide not to print the document at this time?
Click File on the Ribbon to close the Backstage view and return to the PowerPoint document
Verify the printer name that appears on the Printer box Status button will print a
hard copy of the document. If necessary, click the Printer Status button to display a list
of available printer options and then click the desired printer to change the currently
selected printer.
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