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Printing a Presentation
Click the Print button
in the Print gallery to
print the document
on the currently
selected printer.
When the printer
stops, retrieve the hard
copy (Figure 1–76).
Do I have to wait
until my document is
complete to print it?
No, you can follow
these steps to print
a document at any
time while you are
creating it.
(a) Slide 1
(b) Slide 2
What if I want to print
an electronic image of
a document instead
of a hard copy?
You would click the
Printer Status button
in the Print gallery
and then select the
desired electronic
image option such
as a Microsoft XPS
Document Writer,
which would create
an XPS i le.
(c) Slide 3
(d) Slide 4
(e) Slide 5
Figure 1–76
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + P , press ENTER
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