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Chapter Summary
To Quit PowerPoint
The project now is complete. The following steps quit PowerPoint. For a detailed
example of the procedure summarized below, refer to the Ofi ce 2010 and Windows 7
chapter at the beginning of this topic.
If you have one PowerPoint document open, click the Close button on the right side of the
title bar to close the document and quit PowerPoint; or if you have multiple PowerPoint
documents open, click File on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view and then click Exit in
the Backstage view to close all open documents and quit PowerPoint.
If a Microsoft Ofi ce PowerPoint dialog box appears, click the Save button to save any
changes made to the document since the last save.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter you have learned how to apply a document theme, create a title slide and text slides with a bulleted
list, clip art, and a photograph, size and move clip art and a photograph, format and edit text, add a slide transition,
view the presentation in Slide Show view, and print slides as handouts. The items listed below include all the new
PowerPoint skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Start PowerPoint (PPT 4)
2. Choose a Document Theme (PPT 5)
3. Enter the Presentation Title (PPT 7)
4. Enter the Presentation Subtitle Paragraph (PPT 9)
5. Select a Paragraph (PPT 10)
6. Italicize Text (PPT 11)
7. Increase Font Size (PPT 11)
8. Select a Word (PPT 12)
9. Change the Text Color (PPT 13)
10. Save a Presentation (PPT 14)
11 Add a New Text Slide with a Bulleted List
(PPT 14)
12. Enter a Slide Title (PPT 16)
13. Select a Text Placeholder (PPT 16)
14. Type a Multi-Level Bulleted List (PPT 17)
15. Select a Group of Words (PPT 19)
16. Bold Text (PPT 19)
17. Add a Slide with the Title Only Layout (PPT 21)
18. Add a New Slide and Enter a Slide Title and
Headings (PPT 23)
19. Move to Another Slide in Normal View (PPT 25)
20. Insert a Clip from the Clip Organizer into the Title
Slide (PPT 27)
21. Insert a Clip from the Clip Organizer into a
Content Placeholder (PPT 30)
22. Insert a Photograph from the Clip Organizer into a
Slide without a Content Placeholder (PPT 32)
23. Resize Clip Art (PPT 33)
24. Move Clips (PPT 36)
25. Duplicate a Slide (PPT 38)
26. Arrange a Slide (PPT 39)
27. Delete Text in a Placeholder (PPT 41)
28. Add a Transition between Slides (PPT 43)
29. Change Document Properties (PPT 46)
30. Save an Existing Presentation with the Same File
Name (PPT 47)
31. Start Slide Show View (PPT 47)
32. Move Manually through Slides in a Slide
Show (PPT 49)
33. Quit PowerPoint (PPT 50)
34. Open a Document from PowerPoint (PPT 50)
35. Print a Presentation (PPT 51)
If you have a SAM 2010 user proi le, your instructor may have assigned an autogradable
version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at
to download the instruction and start i les.
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