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Perform the following tasks:
1. Change the document theme to Urban. On the title slide, use your name in place of Student Name
and bold and italicize your name. Increase the title text font size to 60 point. Resize and position
the clip as shown in Figure 1–77a.
2. On Slide 2, increase the indent of the second, third, and i fth paragraphs (Cover mouth and nose
with a tissue; No tissue? Use your elbow or sleeve; Use soap, warm water for 20 seconds) to
second-level paragraphs. Then combine paragraphs six and seven (Drink l uids; Get plenty of rest)
to read, Drink l uids and get plenty of rest, as shown in Figure 1–77b.
3. Change the document properties, as specii ed by your instructor. Save the presentation using the
i le name, Apply 1–1 Avoid the Flu. Submit the revised document in the format specii ed by
your instructor.
resize and position clip
60-point font size
bold and
italicize name
substitute your name
Urban document theme
(a) Slide 1 (Title Slide with Clip Art)
combined paragraph
(b) Slide 2 (Multi-Level Bulleted List)
Figure 1–77
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