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In the Lab continued
3. Using the typed notes in Figure 1– 80,
create the two text slides with bulleted
lists and i nd and insert clips from the
Microsoft Clip Organizer, as shown in
Figures 1– 81b and 1– 81c.
4. Create a closing slide by duplicating
Slide 1, deleting your name, replacing
the photograph with the photograph
shown in Figure 1– 81d, and moving the
slide to the end of the presentation.
5. On Slide 3, change the font color of the
words, Be coni dent, to Yellow (fourth
color in the Standard Colors row).
6. Apply the Uncover transition in the
Subtle category to all slides. Change the
duration to 1.25 seconds.
7. Drag the scroll box to display Slide 1.
Click the Slide Show button to start
Slide Show view. Then click to display
each slide.
8. Change the document properties, as
specii ed by your instructor. Save the
presentation using the i le name,
Lab 1–1 Study Skills.
9. Submit the document in the format
specii ed by your instructor.
insert all clips in presentation
from Microsoft Clip Organizer
(b) Slide 2
font color
(c) Slide 3
add closing slide by duplicating
and editing Slide 1
(d) Slide 4 (Closing Slide)
Figure 1– 81 (continued)
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