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In the Lab
In the Lab continued
Perform the following tasks:
1. Create a new presentation using the Solstice document theme.
2. Using the typed notes
illustrated in Figure 1– 82,
create the title slide shown
in Figure 1– 83a, using
your name in place of Jim
Warner. Italicize the title,
The Sunshine Vitamin,
and increase the font size
to 48 point. Change the
font size of the i rst line of
the subtitle text, Are You
D-i cient?, to 36 point.
Change the font color of
the title text to Orange
(third color in the Standard
Colors row) and both lines
of the subtitle text to Light
Blue (seventh color in the
Standard Colors row).
3. Using the typed notes
in Figure 1– 82, create
the three text slides with
bulleted lists shown in
Figures 1– 83b through
1– 83d. Change the color
of the title text on all slides
and the text above the
bulleted lists on Slides 2
and 3 to Orange.
4. Add the photographs
and clip art shown in
Figures 1– 83a through
1– 83d from the Microsoft
Clip Organizer. Adjust the
clip sizes when necessary.
5. Apply the Ripple transition
in the Exciting category to
all slides. Change the dura-
tion to 2.00 seconds.
6. Drag the scroll box to
display Slide 1. Click the
Slide Show button to start
Slide Show view. Then
click to display each slide.
format text
your name
Solstice document theme
all clips in presentation
from Microsoft Clip
(a) Slide 1 (Title Slide)
heading font
color is Orange
title font color
is Orange
(b) Slide 2
Figure 1– 83
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