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Instructions Part 2: The children’s parties have proved to be a great perk for members of the health
club. A large group of older adults work out at the club and also meet socially once a month. These
members have asked about renting the playroom to hold a retirement party for some of their friends.
You decide to modify the children’s party presentation to promote retirement parties. Use the outline
in Figure 1– 86 to modify the presentation created in Part 1 to create the presentation shown in
Figure 1– 87 on the next page. Required changes are indicated by a yellow highlight.
To begin, save the current presentation with the new i le name, Lab 1–3 Part Two Retirement
Party. Change the document theme to Flow. On Slide 3, change the pianist’s name from Ms. Winn to
your name. Apply the Fade transition in the Subtle category to all slides and change the duration speed
to 2.25 seconds. View the slide show. Change the document properties, as specii ed by your instructor.
Submit both Part One and Part Two documents in the format specii ed by your instructor.
Figure 1– 86
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