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Creating Slides and Changing Font Colors and Background Style
Type Yoga and Meditation in the title text placeholder.
Type Unify Your Mind, in the subtitle text placeholder.
Press the ENTER key and then type Body, as the second line in the subtitle text
Press the ENTER key and then type and Spirit as the third line in the subtitle text
placeholder. Change the capital letter ‘A’ in the word, And, at the beginning of this line
to a lowercase ‘a’ (Figure 2 – 2).
Some stylebooks recommend using lowercase letters when using coordinating conjunctions
(for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) and also when using articles (a, an, the). Why is the case of the
word, and, changed in the subtitle text?
By default, PowerPoint capitalizes the i rst word of each paragraph. For consistency, you
can decide to lowercase this word to apply a particular style rule so that the word, and, is
lowercase in both the title and subtitle text.
title and subtitle
text entered in
letter ‘a’
Note: To help you locate screen
elements that are referenced in the
step instructions, such as buttons
and commands, this topic uses
red boxes to point to these screen
Verve theme applied
Figure 2–2
To Create the First Text Slide
For a complete list of the
Q&As found in many of
the step-by-step sequences
in this topic, visit the
PowerPoint 2010 Q&A
Web page (
The i rst text slide you create in Chapter 2 emphasizes the relaxation and
restoration benei ts derived from practicing yoga and meditation. The following steps add
a new slide (Slide 2) and then create a text slide using the Picture with Caption layout.
Click Home on the Ribbon to display the Home tab, click the New Slide button arrow, and
then click Picture with Caption in the Layout gallery to add a new slide with this layout.
Type Relax and Restore in the title text placeholder.
Press CTRL + ENTER to move to the caption placeholder and then type Calm the mind
and boost oxygen levels in the brain. in this placeholder
(Figure 2 – 3).
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