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Creating Slides and Changing Font Colors and Background Style
To Change the Presentation Theme Colors
The i rst modii cation to make is to change the color scheme throughout the presentation. The following steps
change the color scheme for the template from a gray title slide background with pink text and accents to a blue
background with pink and orange accents.
current Verve
color scheme
Theme Colors
Click Design on the
Ribbon and then
click the Theme
Colors button
(Design tab | Themes
group) to display the
Theme Colors gallery.
Scroll down and then
Theme Colors
point to the Oriel
built-in theme to
display a live preview
of this color scheme
(Figure 2 – 6).
gold border
indicates current
color scheme
Point to various
pointing to Oriel displays
preview of color scheme,
including blue background
themes in the Theme
Colors gallery and
watch the colors
change on Slide 4.
Why does a gold
line surround the
Verve color scheme in the Theme Colors gallery?
It shows the Verve document theme is applied, and those eight colors are associated with that theme.
Figure 2–6
Click Oriel in the
Theme Colors
gallery to change
the presentation
theme colors to Oriel
(Figure 2 –7).
What if I want to
return to the original
theme color?
You would click the
Theme Colors button
and then click Verve
in the Theme
Colors gallery.
new Oriel theme
colors applied
Figure 2–7
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