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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Presentation
Adhere to copyright regulations.
You have permission to use the clips from the Microsoft Clip Organizer. If you want to use
a clip from another source, be certain you have the legal right to insert this i le in your
presentation. Read the copyright notices that accompany the clip and are posted on the
Web site. The owners of these images and i les often ask you to give them credit for using
their work, which may be satisi ed by stating where you obtained the images.
To Insert a Picture
The next step in creating the presentation is to insert one of the digital yoga pictures in the picture placeholder
in Slide 3. The picture is available on the Data Files for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for instruc-
tions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact your instructor for information about accessing the
required i les.
The following steps insert a picture, which, in this example, is located in the PowerPoint Chapter 02 folder on
the same USB l ash drive that contains the saved presentation, into Slide 3.
With your USB l ash
drive connected
to one of the
computer’s USB ports,
click the Previous
Slide button to
display Slide 3.
Chapter 02
folder is open on
selected device
Click the Insert
Picture from File
icon in the content
placeholder to
display the Insert
Picture dialog box.
picture i le
Insert button
pictures from Chapter 02
PowerPoint folder in
Data Files for Students
folder on USB l ash drive
(your list may differ)
If Computer is not
displayed in the
navigation pane,
drag the navigation
pane scroll bar (Insert
Picture dialog box)
until Computer
Insert Picture
from File icon
Figure 2 – 8
Click Computer in the
navigation pane to
display a list of available storage devices in the Insert Picture dialog box. If necessary, scroll
through the dialog box until your USB l ash drive appears in the list of available storage
Double-click your USB l ash drive in the list of available storage devices to display a list of
i les and folders on the selected USB l ash drive. Double-click the Data Files for Students
folder, double-click the PowerPoint folder, and then double-click the Chapter 02 folder to
display a list of i les in that folder.
Scroll down and then click Hands Yoga to select the i le name (Figure 2– 8).
What if the picture is not on a USB l ash drive?
Use the same process, but select the drive containing the picture.
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