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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Presentation
project name
changed to Yoga
Click the Insert
Picture tools and Format
tabs appear automatically
when a graphic is selected
in the document
button (Insert
Picture dialog box)
to insert the picture
into the content
placeholder in Slide 3
(Figure 2–9).
What are the
symbols around
the picture?
A selected graphic
appears surrounded
by a selection
rectangle , which has
small squares and
circles, called sizing
handles , at each
corner and middle
sizing handles
picture inserted
into content
selection rectangle
surrounds picture
Figure 2 – 9
To Insert Another Picture into a Content Placeholder
The next step is to insert another digital yoga picture into the Slide 2 content
placeholder. This second picture also is available on the Data Files for Students. See
the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for
Students, or contact your instructor for information about accessing the required i les.
The following steps insert a picture into Slide 2.
Modernism’s Effect
on Graphic Design
The modernist movement
of the late nineteenth
and twentieth centuries
inl uenced the design
principles in use today.
Artists and architects
of that era simplii ed
the world in terms of
legible fonts, abstract
shapes, and balanced
layouts. Modernists
sought to create works
independent of language
so their message could
reach people throughout
the world.
Click the Previous Slide button to display Slide 2.
With your USB l ash drive connected to one of the computer’s USB ports, click the
Insert Picture from File icon in the content placeholder to display the Insert Picture
dialog box.
If the list of i les and folders on the selected USB l ash drive are not displayed in the
Insert Picture dialog box, double-click your USB l ash drive to display them and then
navigate to the PowerPoint Chapter 02 folder.
Scroll down and then click Green Tank Meditation to select the i le name.
Click the Insert button (Insert Picture dialog box) to insert the picture into the Slide 2
content placeholder (Figure 2– 10).
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