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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Presentation
into content
Figure 2– 10
To Insert a Picture into a Slide without a Content Placeholder
In Chapter 1, you inserted a clip into a slide without a content placeholder. You also can insert a picture into
a slide that does not have a content placeholder. The picture for Slide 4 is available on the Data Files for Students.
See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact your
instructor for information about accessing the required i les. The following steps insert a picture into Slide 4.
Insert tab
Click the Next Slide button
two times to display Slide 4.
Insert Picture
from File button
With your USB l ash
drive connected to one
of the computer’s USB ports,
click Insert on the Ribbon
(Figure 2– 11).
Figure 2– 11
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