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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Presentation
With the Arch Yoga
picture on Slide 4
still selected, click
the Corrections
button (Picture Tools
Format tab | Adjust
group) to display the
Corrections gallery.
preview with
brightness and
contrast adjusted
Picture Style
gallery More
Point to Brightness:
1 20% Contrast:
2 40% (fourth
picture in i rst row
of Brightness and
Contrast area) to
display a live preview
of these corrections
on the picture
(Figure 2– 14).
and contrast
Point to various
pictures in the
Brightness and
Contrast area and
watch the brightness
and contrast change
on the picture in Slide 4.
Why is a yellow border surrounding the picture in the center of the gallery?
The image on Slide 4 currently has normal brightness and contrast (0%), which is
represented by this center image in the gallery.
Figure 2– 14
Click Brightness:
1 20% Contrast: 2 40% to apply this correction to the yoga picture.
How can I remove all effects from the picture?
Click the Reset Picture button (Picture Tools Format tab | Adjust group).
Other Ways
1. Click Picture Corrections
Options, move Brightness
or Contrast sliders or enter
number in box next to
slider (Format Picture
dialog box)
To Apply a Picture Style
The pictures on Slides 2, 3, and 4 grasp the audience’s attention, but you can increase their visual appeal by
applying a style. A style is a named group of formatting characteristics. PowerPoint provides more than 25 pic-
ture styles that enable you easily to change a picture’s look to a more visually appealing style, including a variety
of shapes, angles, borders, and rel ections. The photos in Slides 2, 3, and 4 in this chapter use styles that apply soft
edges, rel ections, or angled perspectives to the pictures. The following steps apply a picture style to the Slide 4
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