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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Presentation
Convex Bevel
effect applied
Figure 2–20
To Add a Picture Border
The next step is to add a small border to the Slide 3 picture. Some picture styles provide a border, but the Rel ected
Rounded Rectangle style you applied to this picture does not. The following steps add a border to the Slide 3 picture.
With the Slide 3 picture still selected,
Picture Border
click the Picture Border button
(Picture Tools Format tab | Picture
Styles group) to display the Picture
Border gallery.
What if the Picture Tools Format tab
no longer is displayed on my Ribbon?
Double-click the picture to display
the Picture Tools and Format tabs.
border line
gallery to display the Weight list.
Point to 1½ pt to display a live
Point to Weight on the Picture Border
Weight list
preview of this line weight on
the picture (Figure 2–21).
Point to various line weights in the
1½-pt border
is previewed
Weight list and watch the line
thickness change.
Can I make the line width more than 6 pt?
Yes. Click More Lines and then increase the amount in the Width box.
Figure 2– 21
Click 1½ pt to add this line weight to the picture.
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