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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Presentation
Click the Picture Border button (Picture Tools Format tab | Picture Styles group) to display
the Picture Border gallery again and then click Red, Accent 3 in the Picture Border gallery
to change the picture border color (Figure 2–23).
1½ pt border is
applied with new
border color
Figure 2–23
To Resize a Graphic by Entering Exact Measurements
The next step is to resize the Slide 3 picture so that it i lls much of the empty space in the slide. In Chapter 1,
you resized clips by dragging the sizing handles. This technique also applies to changing the size of photos. You also
can resize graphics by specifying exact height and width measurements. The yoga picture can be enlarged so that its
height and width measurements are 6.0". When a graphic is selected, its height and width measurements show in
the Size group of the Picture Tools Format tab. The following steps resize the Slide 3 picture by entering its desired
exact measurements.
Shape Height
text box
Click the Next Slide button to
display Slide 3 and then select the
picture. Click the Shape Height
text box (Picture Tools Format tab |
Size group) to select the contents
in the text box and then type 6
as the height (Figure 2 – 24).
desired picture
height is 6 inches
Figure 2–24
What if the contents of the Shape Height text box are not selected?
Triple-click the Shape Height text box.
Why did the width size also change?
PowerPoint kept the photo in proportion so that the width changed the same amount as
the height changed.
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