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Formatting Slide Backgrounds
Click Format
Background on
the shortcut menu to
display the
Format Background
dialog box.
dialog box
Fill pane is
With the Fill pane
displaying, click
‘Picture or texture
i ll’ to expand the i ll
options (Figure 2– 28).
Texture arrow
Picture or
texture i ll
option is
Why did the
background change
to a yellow texture?
This texture is the
Papyrus background,
which is the default
texture i ll.
Figure 2–28
Click the Texture
arrow to display
the Texture gallery
(Figure 2– 29).
Is a live preview
available to see the
various textures on
this slide?
No. Live preview is not
an option with the
background textures
and i lls.
Sand background
Texture gallery
Figure 2–29
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