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Formatting Slide Backgrounds
Click the Sand background
(third texture in second row) to
insert this background on Slide 4
(Figure 2 – 30).
The Format Background dialog box
is covering part of the slide. Can I
move this box?
Yes. Click the dialog box title and
drag it to a different location so
that you can view the slide.
File button in
Insert from area
Sand background
inserted on
Slide 4
Could I insert this background on all
four slides simultaneously?
Yes. You would click the Apply
to All button to insert the Sand
background on all slides.
Apply to
All button
Other Ways
1. Click Design tab,
Background Styles, click
Format Background
(Design tab |
Background group)
Figure 2–30
To Insert a Picture to Create a Background
For variety and interest, you want to use another yoga picture as the Slide 1 background. This picture is stored
on the Data Files for Students. PowerPoint will stretch the height and width of this picture to i ll the slide area. The
following steps insert the picture, Sunrise Yoga, on only Slide 1.
Insert Picture
dialog box
three times to display Slide 1.
Click the Previous Slide button
(Format Background dialog box),
click ‘Picture or texture i ll’.
With the Fill pane displaying
from area (shown in Figure 2– 30) to
display the Insert Picture dialog box.
Click the File button in the Insert
l ash drive in the list of available
storage devices to display a list of
i les and folders on the selected USB
l ash drive and then navigate to the
PowerPoint Chapter 02 folder.
If necessary, double-click your USB
picture i le
Insert button
Yoga to select the i le name
(Figure 2 – 31).
Scroll down and then click Sunrise
What if the picture is not on a USB
l ash drive?
Use the same process, but select
the drive containing the picture.
Figure 2–31
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