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Formatting Slide Backgrounds
Click the Insert button (Insert
Picture dialog box) to insert the
Sunrise Yoga picture as the Slide 1
background (Figure 2– 32).
What if I do not want to use
this picture?
Click the Undo button on the
Quick Access Toolbar.
Why do the Left and Right offsets
in the Stretch options area show a
2 6% value?
PowerPoint automatically reduced
the photograph slightly so that it
i lls the entire slide.
is 0%
Can I move the Format Background
dialog box to the left so that I can
see more of the subtitle text?
Yes. Click the dialog box title and
then drag the box to the desired
location on the slide.
Transparency slider
Sunrise Yoga
picture inserted in
Slide 1 background
Figure 2–32
To Format the Background Picture Fill Transparency
The Sunrise Yoga picture on Slide 1 is a rich color and conl icts with the title and subtitle text. One method of
reducing this richness is to change the transparency. The Transparency slider indicates the amount of opaqueness.
The default setting is 0, which is fully opaque. The opposite extreme is 100%, which is fully transparent. To change
the transparency, you can move the Transparency slider or enter a number in the text box next to the slider. The
following step adjusts the transparency to 10%.
drag it to the right until 10% is
displayed in the Transparency text
box (Figure 2– 33).
Can I move the slider in small
increments so that I can get a
precise percentage easily?
Yes. Press the RIGHT ARROW or
LEFT ARROW key to move the slider in
one-percent increments.
Click the Transparency slider and
transparency is
changed to 10%
Figure 2–33
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