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Formatting Slide Backgrounds
To Format the Background Texture Fill Transparency
The Sand texture on Slide 4 is dark and may not offer sufi cient contrast with the symbols and text you are
going to insert on this slide. You can adjust the transparency of slide texture in the same manner that you change a
picture transparency. The following steps adjust the texture transparency to 50%.
Click the Next Slide button three
times to display Slide 4.
Click the Transparency slider and
drag it to the right until 50% is
displayed in the Transparency text
box (Figure 2– 34).
Click the Close button (Format
Background dialog box).
texture i ll
is increased
texture i ll
changed to 50%
Close button
Figure 2–34
To Choose a Background Style
Now that the backgrounds for Slides 1 and 4 are set, and the title and text paragraphs for the presentation
have been entered, you need to make design decisions for Slides 2 and 3. In this project, you will choose a back-
ground for these slides. For each theme, PowerPoint provides 12 background styles with designs that may include
color, shading, patterns, and textures. Fill effects add pattern and texture to a background, which add depth to a
slide. The following steps add a background style to Slides 2 and 3 in the presentation.
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