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Formatting Slide Backgrounds
Background Styles
Click the Previous Slide button
once to display Slide 3 and then
click the Design tab on the Ribbon.
Click the Background Styles button
(Design tab | Background group)
to display the Background
Styles gallery.
Styles gallery
Right-click Style 11 (third style in
shortcut menu
third row) to display the shortcut
menu (Figure 2– 35).
clicking Apply to Selected Slides
command applies selected
background style only to Slide 3
Point to various styles themes in
Style 11 desired
for current slide
the Background Styles gallery and
watch the backgrounds change on
the slide.
Are the backgrounds displayed in a
specii c order?
Yes. They are arranged in order
from light to dark running
from left to right. The i rst row
has solid backgrounds; the middle
row has darker i lls at the top and
bottom; the bottom row has i ll patterns. If you point to a background, a ScreenTip with the
background’s name appears on the screen.
Figure 2–35
Click Apply to Selected Slides
to apply Style 11 to Slide 3
(Figure 2 – 36).
If I decide later that this
background style does not i t the
theme of my presentation, can I
apply a different background?
Yes. You can repeat these steps
at any time while creating your
What if I want to apply this
background style to all slides in
the presentation?
Click the desired style or click
Apply to All Slides in the
shortcut menu.
Style 11 applied
to Slide 3
Other Ways
1. Click Background Styles,
right-click desired
background, press S
Figure 2–36
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