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Formatting Title and Content Text
To Choose Another Background Style
In this presentation, the Slide 2 background can have a coordinating background to
complement the yoga picture. The following steps add a background to Slide 2.
Click the Previous Slide button to display Slide 2. Click the Background Styles button
(Design tab | Background group) and then right-click Style 10 (second style in third row)
to display the shortcut menu.
Click Apply to Selected Slides to apply this background style to Slide 2 (Figure 2– 37).
Style 10 applied
to Slide 2
Introducing the
Before your audience
enters the room, start
the presentation and
then display Slide 1. This
slide should be visually
appealing and provide
general interest in the
presentation. An effective
title slide gives a good i rst
Figure 2–37
Formatting Title and Content Text
Choosing well-coordinated colors and styles for text and objects in a presentation is pos-
sible. Once you select a particular Quick Style and make any other font changes, you
then can copy these changes to other text using the Format Painter . The Format Painter
allows you to copy all formatting changes from one object to another.
To Change the Subtitle and Caption Font
The default Verve theme heading, subtitle, and caption text font is Century Gothic. To draw more attention
to subtitle and caption text and to help differentiate these slide elements from the title text, you want to change the
font from Century Gothic to Papyrus. To change the font, you must select the letters you want to format. In Chapter
1, you selected a paragraph and then formatted the characters. To format the text in multiple paragraphs quickly and
simultaneously, you can select all the paragraphs to be formatted and then apply formatting changes. The following
steps change the subtitle and caption font.
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