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Formatting Title and Content Text
To Format the Subtitle Text
To increase readability, you can format the Slide 1 subtitle text by bolding the
characters and changing the font color to yellow. The following steps format the Slide 1
subtitle text.
With the subtitle text selected, click the Bold button (Home tab | Font group) to bold
the text.
Click the Font Color arrow and change the color to Light Yellow, Text 2 (fourth color in
i rst row) (Figure 2– 43).
Font Color
subtitle font
color is Light
subtitle text
subtitle text
is formatted
Figure 2–43
To Format the Slide 2 Caption
Decreasing Font Size
The Increase Font Size
buttons on the Mini
toolbar and in the Font
group (Home tab) enlarge
the selected characters in
predetermined amounts.
The Decrease Font Size
buttons, which appear to
the right of the Increase
Font Size buttons, reduce
the characters’ size in
the same predetermined
point sizes.
The caption on a slide should be large enough for audience members to read easily
and should coordinate with the font styles in other parts of the presentation. The caption
on Slide 2 can be enhanced by changing the font, the font color, and the font size. The
following steps format the Slide 2 caption text.
Click the Next Slide button to display Slide 2. Triple-click the caption text to select all the char-
acters, click the Font box arrow on the Mini toolbar, and then scroll down and click Papyrus.
Click the Increase Font Size button on the Mini toolbar three times to increase the font
size to 20 point.
Click the Bold button on the Mini toolbar to bold the text (Figure 2– 44).
font size
desired font
caption text is
bolded text
Figure 2–44
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