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Adding and Formatting a Shape
If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. Be sure to save the Yoga i le again and then you can
quit PowerPoint. To resume at a later time, start PowerPoint, open the i le called Yoga, and continue following the steps
from this location forward.
Break Point:
Adding and Formatting a Shape
Sizing Shapes
PowerPoint’s Shapes
gallery provides a wide
variety of symbols that
can help emphasize your
major points on each
slide. As you select the
shapes and then size
them, keep in mind that
your audience will focus
on the largest shapes
i rst. The most important
information, therefore,
should be placed in or
near the shapes with the
most visual size.
One method of getting the audience’s attention and reinforcing the major concepts being
presented is to have graphical elements on the title slide. PowerPoint provides a wide
variety of predei ned shapes that can add visual interest to a slide. Shape elements include
lines, basic geometrical shapes, arrows, equation shapes, l owchart symbols, stars, banners,
and callouts. After adding a shape to a slide, you can change its default characteristics by
adding text, bullets, numbers, and styles. You also can combine multiple shapes to create a
more complex graphic.
Slides 1 and 4 in this presentation are enhanced in a variety of ways. First, a sun
shape is added to the Slide 1 title text in place of the letter o. Then a circle shape is
inserted on Slide 4 and copied twice, and text is added to each circle and then formatted.
Finally, a triangle is inserted on top of the three circle shapes on Slide 4.
To Add a Shape
Many of the shapes included in the Shapes gallery can direct the viewer to important aspects of the
presentation. For example, the sun shape helps emphasize the presentation’s theme of practicing yoga and medita-
tion, and it complements the Sunrise Yoga background picture. The following steps add the Sun shape to Slide 1.
Click the Previous Slide button two
times to display Slide 1. Click the
Shapes button (Home tab | Drawing
group) to display the Shapes gallery
(Figure 2– 47).
Shapes gallery
Basic Shapes
Sun shape
Figure 2–47
I do not see a Shapes button in the Drawing group. Instead, I have three rows of the shapes
I have used recently in presentations. Why?
Monitor dimensions and resolution affect how buttons display on the Ribbon. Click the
Shapes More button to display the entire Shapes gallery.
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