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Adding and Formatting a Shape
Click the Sun shape in the
Basic Shapes area of the Shapes
Why did my pointer change shape?
The pointer changed to a plus
shape to indicate the Sun shape
has been added to the Clipboard.
mouse pointer
Position the mouse pointer
(a crosshair) above the person’s
hands in the picture, as shown
in Figure 2– 48.
Figure 2–48
Click Slide 1 to insert the Sun shape
(Figure 2– 49).
Sun shape
Figure 2–49
Other Ways
1. Click More button
(Drawing Tools Format
tab | Insert Shapes
To Resize a Shape
The next step is to resize the Sun shape. The shape should be reduced so that it is approximately the same size
as the letter o in the words Yoga and Meditation. The following steps resize the selected Sun shape.
With the mouse pointer appearing
as two-headed arrow, drag a
corner sizing handle on the picture
diagonally inward until the Sun
shape is resized approximately as
shown in Figure 2– 50.
smaller, lighter-shaded
shape shows preview of
resized Sun
What if my shape is not selected?
To select a shape, click it.
What if the shape is the
wrong size?
Repeat Steps 1 and 2.
Figure 2–50
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