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Adding and Formatting a Shape
Release the mouse button to resize
Sun shape moved
on top of letter o
the shape.
Drag the Sun shape on top of
the letter o in the word, Yoga
(Figure 2– 51).
What if I want to move the shape
to a precise location on the slide?
With the shape selected, press the
ARROW keys or the CTRL + ARROW
keys to move the shape to the
desired location.
Figure 2–51
Other Ways
1. Enter shape height
and width in Height
and Width text boxes
(Drawing Tools Format
tab | Size group)
2. Click Size and Position
dialog box launcher
(Drawing Tools Format
tab | Size group), click
Size tab, enter desired
height and width values
in text boxes, click Close
To Copy and Paste a Shape
The next step is to copy the Sun shape. The duplicate shape will be placed over the letter ‘o’ in the word,
Meditation. The following steps copy and move the identical second Sun shape.
click the Copy button (Home tab |
Clipboard group) (Figure 2– 52).
What if my shape is
not selected?
To select a shape, click it.
With the Sun shape still selected,
Figure 2–52
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