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Adding and Formatting a Shape
Click the Paste button
on the Home
tab to insert
a duplicate
Sun shape on Slide 1.
Drag the Sun shape on
Sun shape
duplicated and
moved on top
of letter ‘o’
top of the letter o in
the word, Meditation,
and release the
mouse button when a
dashed line connects
this Sun shape to
the Sun shape that is
displaying in the word,
Yoga (Figure 2– 53).
Figure 2–53
What does the dashed
line represent?
PowerPoint displays this Smart Guide when two shapes are aligned precisely. In this case, the two Sun
shapes are centered horizontally.
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected
shape, click Copy on
shortcut menu, right-
click, click Paste on
shortcut menu
2. Select shape, press
CTRL + C , press CTRL + V
To Add Other Shapes
Circles, squares, and triangles are among the geometric shapes included in the Shapes gallery. These shapes
can be combined to show relationships among the elements, and they can help illustrate the basic concepts presented
in your slide show. The following steps add the Oval and Isosceles Triangle shapes to Slide 4.
Click the Next Slide
Shapes button
button three times
to display Slide 4
and then click the
Shapes button
(Home tab | Drawing
group) to display
the Shapes gallery
(Figure 2– 54).
Shapes gallery
Isosceles Triangle
Basic Shapes
Oval shape
Figure 2–54
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