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Adding and Formatting a Shape
To Add Formatted Text to a Shape
Formatting text in a shape follows the same techniques as formatting text in a placeholder. You can change
font, font color and size, and alignment. The next step is to add the word, Mind, to the shape, change the font to
Papyrus and the font color to Blue-Gray, center and bold the text, and increase the font size to 24 point. The follow-
ing step adds text to the Oval shape.
With the Oval shape selected, type
Mind in the shape.
Change the font to Papyrus.
Change the font color to Blue-
Gray, Background 2 (third color in
i rst Theme Colors row).
style applied to
Oval shape
and bold the text (Figure 2– 59).
Change the font size to 24 point
formatted Oval
shape text
Figure 2–59
To Copy a Shape
Drawing a Square
Holding down the SHIFT
key while dragging a
Rectangle shape draws
a square.
Your presentation emphasizes that mind, body, and spirit are equal components in
i nding balance in life. Each of these elements can be represented by an oval. The follow-
ing steps copy the Oval shape.
Click Home on the Ribbon. Click the edge of the Oval shape so that it is a solid line.
Click the Copy button (Home tab | Clipboard group).
Click the Paste button (Home tab | Clipboard group) two times to insert two duplicate
Oval shapes on Slide 4.
Move the Oval shapes so they appear approximately as shown in Figure 2 – 60.
In the left oval, select the word, Mind, and then type the word, Body , in the oval.
In the right oval, select the word, Mind, and then type the word, Spirit , in the oval
(Figure 2– 60). You may need to enlarge the size of the oval shapes slightly so that each
word is displayed on one line.
new shape
Oval shapes copied
and positioned in
desired locations
Figure 2–60
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