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Using WordArt
To Apply Another Style
The triangle shape helps show the unity among body, mind, and spirit. You can
apply a coordinating shape style to the isosceles triangle and then place it on top of the
three ovals. The following steps apply a style to the Isosceles Triangle shape.
Display the Drawing Tools Format tab. Click the Isosceles Triangle shape on Slide 4 to
select it.
Click the More button in the Shape Styles gallery (Drawing Tools Format tab | Shape Styles
group) to expand the Shape Styles gallery and then click Intense Effect – Blue, Accent
2 (third style in last row) to apply that style to the triangle.
Move the triangle shape to the center of the Ovals.
Click the Bring Forward button twice (Drawing Tools Format tab | Arrange group) to dis-
play the triangle on top of the ovals. Resize the triangle if necessary so that it displays as
shown in Figure 2– 61.
Isosceles Triangle
shape moved
and resized
shape style
Figure 2–61
Break Point: If you wish to take a break, this is a good place to do so. Be sure to save the Yoga i le again and then you can
quit PowerPoint. To resume at a later time, start PowerPoint, open the i le called Yoga, and continue following the steps
from this location forward.
Using WordArt
One method of adding appealing visual elements to a presentation is by using WordArt
styles. This feature is found in other Microsoft Ofi ce applications, including Word and
Excel. This gallery of decorative effects allows you to type new text or convert existing
text to WordArt. You then can add elements such as i lls, outlines, and effects.
As with slide backgrounds, WordArt i ll in the interior of a letter can consist of
a solid color, texture, picture, or gradient. The WordArt outline is the exterior border
surrounding each letter or symbol. PowerPoint allows you to change the outline color,
weight, and style. You also can add an effect , which helps add emphasis or depth to the
characters. Some effects are shadows, rel ections, glows, bevels, and 3-D rotations.
Creating Logos
Many companies without
graphic arts departments
create their logos using
WordArt. The bevels,
glows, and shadows allow
corporate designers to
develop unique images
with 3-D effects that give
depth to their companies’
Use WordArt in moderation.
Some WordArt styles are bold and detailed, and they can detract from the message you
are trying to present if not used carefully. Select a WordArt style when needed for special
emphasis, such as a title slide that audience members will see when they enter the room.
WordArt can have a powerful effect, so do not overuse it.
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